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Wooden Parts

Boom, varnished w/ track, hardware, blocks, outhaul cleat & car$950.00
Boom Crutch$48.00
Boom Crutch Cleat w/ fasteners$22.00
Boom Crutch Socket w/ fasteners$20.00
Butt Block$4.00
Centerboard w/ pennant$395.00
Centerboard Box w/ fasteners & gaskets$485.00
Centerboard Knob$15.00
Centerboard Well Top$48.00
Coaming, pre-bent set$295.00
Coaming Molding, set$55.00
Frame, pre-bent, full width (minimum of 4)$28.00
Frame, pre-bent, half width (minimum of 4)$14.00
Gaff, varnished, complete with hardware and outhaul car$940.00
Gaff Clapper, with rivet$27.00
Gaff Jaws, pair, w/ 2 rivets$150.00
Keel, pre-bent, w/ skeg$625.00
Mast, spar only, varnished$710.00
Mast Hoop$25.00
Mast Hoop, w/ sail fastener$46.00
Mast Partner$76.00
Mast Step w/ fasteners$92.00
Mast Step Bridge$56.00
Paddle, 5' Beavertail$75.00
Planking Cedar, per sq. ft. (hull, deck, cockpit)$18.00
Rub Rail, set$140.00
Rudder, tapered with hardware$365.00
Skeg w/ fasteners$76.00
Spar Racks, set$145.00
Stern Post w/ fasteners$78.00

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White Doyle Sail, with bag, battens and sail ties$950.00
Cover, Combination cockpit/sail, Sunbrella "toast" (tan) - Other Colors Add $30$660.00
Sail Cover Only, Sunbrella "toast" (tan) - Other Colors Add $20$425.00
Pump, Thirstymate 124pf$40.00
Paddle, 5' Beaver Tail$75.00
Anchor, Danforth with SS Chain and Shackles
Rode, anchor line, 60' 3/8" nylon with spliced eye$65.00
Painter, dock/tow line 20' 3/8" nylon with spliced eye on one end$40.00
CB Cleat, Harken for centerboard depth adjustment$40.00
Compass, mounted on wood base (slips over coamings)$140.00
Windex, Davis$45.00
Spar Racks, fore and aft, with tie down, for use with trailer$145.00
Trailer, Shoreland'r, adjusted to fit Beetle Cat with 3rd wheel and tie down strap$1,575.00
Cover, Travel (for boat on trailer with spar racks)$1,755.00
2" Bronze Letters, for name, each, with fasteners$16.00
Nameboard, wood with 2" letters painted on$275.00
Motor Mount, wood (varnished)$155.00

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Bow Chock, starboard or port w/ fasteners$48.00
Centerboard Bolt Assembly, Bronze or SS$32.00
Centerboard Bolt Leather Washers, pair$8.00
Centerboard Pin$14.00
Chainplate w/ fasteners, each$38.00
Eye Bolt for throat halyard on mast$42.00
Eye Strap, for mainsheet blocks on boom, with fasteners$10.00
Gooseneck, at forward end of boom$110.00
Gudgeon, screw type in transom for rudder$24.00
Hoop/Sail Fastener, female (for hoop)$18.00
Hoop/Sail Fastener, male (for sail)$18.00
Letters, 2" cast bronze, per letter with screws$20.00
Mast Band, gooseneck attachment on mast$140.00
Mast Wythe$42.00
Number Plate, oval specify hull number*$20.00
Outhaul Slide/Car, Stainless Steel$30.00
Pintle, upper (short) or lower (long) for rudder$60.00
Shackles, 3/16" stainless steel$10.00
Shackle, 1/4" bronze for traveller block$34.00
Shroud, long or short$150.00
Stay (Forestay)$150.00
Stem Band, on forward face of stem with nails$26.00
Stem Head Fitting with fasteners$125.00
Tiller Strap, aft or fwd on rudder$54.00
Toggle at forward end of gaff, with rivet$24.00
Traveler w/ end stoppers & fasteners$145.00
Turnbuckle, 5/16" bronze155.00

*Builder’s (hull number) Plate

The Hull number is found on an oval “builders” plate mounted on the aft (cockpit) side of the forward end of the coamings (wash rail). Often this plate is missing, particularly in older boats. Replacement plates are available (see hardware). The hull number is also located on the forward face of the stern post (this is the wooden piece which runs halfway up the middle of the transom at the aft end of the cockpit). It is usually necessary to scrape and/or sand away some paint to “bring out” these numbers. With these numbers we can tell you at least the age and first owner of your Beetle Cat. Beetle Cats built between 1920 and 1945 were not numbered. Hull numbering began in 1946 with Hull Number 1 being the first boat built that year.

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#0 Deck for halyard$34.00
#1 Outhaul for boom or gaff$22.00
#5 Bullet for sheet or halyard$34.00
#5 1/2 Bullet w/ becket$36.00
#19 hexaratchet for sheet$88.00
Base, #10 for #19 $56.00
Base #205 w/ cam cleat for #19$152.00

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2 1/2" Bronze Cleat for outhaul w/ fasteners$24.00
4" Bronze Cleat for halyards & sheet w/ fasteners$45.00
6" Bronze Cleat for mooring & towing w/ fasteners$72.00
Harken Cam Cleat for centerboard pennant w/ fasteners$34.00

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Bridle, for gaff$28.00
Centerboard Pennant$13.00
Peak or Throat w/ block$88.00
Peak or throat, no block$48.00
Peak, Z-rig$60.00

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Deck Canvas, 84" x 13'$95.00
Topside, deck, interior (any color) per quart$42.00
Bottom, antifouling (red, blue, green, black, shark white) per quart$88.00
Varnish per quart$38.00
Seam, synthetic (use below waterline) per 11oz cartridge$26.00
Seam, oil based (use above waterline) per quart$50.00
Painting Accessories
Bottom brush (4")$22.00
Topside/Deck brush (3")$20.00
Varnish brush, badger (2")$18.00
Roller brush (for inside centerboard box)$6.00
Wand (long) for roller brush$5.00
Tack cloth$2.00
Abrasive pad (for surface preparation)$2.00
tape (1" blue, low stick) per roll$6.50
Twisted cotton caulk, per ball$24.00

Note: For safety and best results always read product label before use.  

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Fasteners for hardware are included with purchase of hardware item if noted in list price. All other fasteners used in the Beetle Cat are also available for purchase in bronze or stainless steel. Ask for prices.

Note: Only steel or stainless steel fasteners should be used below the waterline in hulls built before 1973 (before hull #1536), otherwise rapid deterioration of the existing fasteners may result from galvanic action between dissimilar metals.

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Parts Return Policy

Beetle, Inc. will accept unused new parts within 30 days of purchase for return or exhange, with the exception of custom and special order items. A 20% restocking charge may be applied, and shipping charges are non-refundable.

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