Custom Boat Projects

Despite the evolutions and changes in the way the world thinks about yachts, boats and vessels, the wood boat survives and has withstood the test of time. Wood construction is easily customized and offers unparalleled options. The raw materials are renewable and the construction technology is proven. Wood boats are built of individual pieces that can be replaced with relatively easily available materials and for sheer beauty, wood has no competition. As an investment, wooden boats, properly maintained, can hold their own. Just as with the Beetle Cat, many have lasted for generations. We here at Beetle have a deep commitment to traditional wood construction techniques, we respond to the fragrance of wood shavings and the lure of salt water.

The love of wood boats and the desire to preserve the traditional Plank-On-Frame wood boat building technique are the back bone of the Beetle Boat Shop and our custom boat division. By using the highest grade materials and providing top quality craftsmanship while working closely with the client, the Beetle Boat shop is offering a rare source for traditional wood boat construction.

Using paint finishes of historical working boat colors with a touch of bright work the boats radiate a look of years gone by while giving a subtle distinguished look of class and elegance. The lines and finish of a well constructed traditional wood boat will prevail for generations to come and will catch the approving eye of admirers whether or not they are connoisseurs of quality wood boats. We welcome you to come by and discuss your dreams and desires of owning a quality traditionally built wood boat. Together we can make it happen!

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