All of the following are class specifications (required when racing the Beetle Cat boat) taken from the the New England Beetle Cat Boat Asociation (NEBCBA) handbook.

Boats shall be standard Beetle Cat boats (wooden) built by Beetle, Inc. of Wareham, MA or their predecessors Concordia Company of South Dartmouth, MA or Beetle Boat Builders of New Bedford, MA. The Sail Plan and Deck Plan, with descriptions, published by Beetle, Inc. in 1995, shall constitute part of these specifications for boats competing in NEBCBA sponsored events, except that, the following variations in Hull, Equipment, and Rig are permitted. Any alteration, addition, or deletion from the boat, as supplied by Builder, not specifically listed here, is prohibited:

Alternative outhauls for Clew and Peak are permitted.

Fixed position Shrouds are permitted.

Material and construction of rope used for Mainsheet and Halyards may vary but shall not be less than 1/4 inch in diameter. Material, construction, and diameter of rope used for bridle and centerboard pennant may vary.

Blocks for running rigging may be replaced, one-for-one, with other single-sheave blocks provided the original location is maintained.

The Peak Halyard may be arranged with either an additional single-sheave block on the mast or a double-sheave block replacing the original single-sheave block and with the dead end of the halyard attached near the end of the Gaff.

The Mainsheet Cleat may be added to, or replaced by, another cleat, block, or cleat/block combination fixed on the centerline floor board, centerboard box, or foredeck centerline.

Cleats may be added to the centerboard box, coaming, or deck for the sole purpose of holding the centerboard pennant.

Variation of the type and location of the two deck Halyard Cleats is permitted.

Additional cleats and chocks for mooring are permitted.

Traveller block deck protectors are permitted, but shall not stop traveller block short of traveller ends.

Fairing of the Centerboard and Rudder is permitted except that their outlines, as shown in the plan, shall be maintained, and that the centerboard shall be 3/4 inch (nominal) plywood or solid wood and may be tapered, and that the Rudder shall be 1 inch (nominal) plywood or solid wood and may not be tapered in the area within 12 inches of the forward edge.

The Officers of the New England Beetle Cat Boat Association have the authority to approve on a case-by-case basis, upon written request, the use of alternative repair methods and materials such as fiberglassing the hull, cold molding, and the like if a majority of the Officers find that the use of such methods and materials was (a) for the purpose of restoring or preserving the hull and (b) did not materially alter the sailing characteristics, weight, or appearance of the hull.

Tillers may be less than, but not more than, 48 inches in length.

Such items as cockpit and sail covers, drawers, shelves, compass, wind indicators, outboard brackets, name boards, graphics, color changes, personal gear, provisions,etc. are permitted.

Required Equipment aboard any boat taking part in a NEBCBA sponsored event includes at least an anchor with warp, a pump or bailer, a United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved Type I, II, or III Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for each person on board, an oar or paddle, and a whistle or other sound signalling device.

The sail may be made of Dacron or Natural fiber provided the weight of the fabric is no less than 3.5 ounces per 28' inch lineal yard for Natural fiber and 3.8 ounces for Dacron.


  • Leech max. 17' 4'
  • Leech Roach max. 0' 7.5"
  • Foot max. 13' 0"
  • Foot min. 12' 6"
  • Foot Roach max. 0' 4.5"
  • Hoist max. 7' 9"
  • Hoist Roach max. 0' 2.5"
  • Head max. 8' 7"
  • Head Roach max. 0' 2"
  • Diagonals:
  • Throat to Clew max. 14' 6"
  • Tack to Peak max. 15' 11'
  • Battens, number 3
  • Battens, length max. 30"
  • Bottom Batten min. 52" from clew
  • Top Batten min. 45" from head
  • Reef Points min. 5 (spaced evenly)
  • Reef Point Cringles:
  • At Hoist 2' 3" from tack (+/-1")
  • At Leech 2' 10' from clew (+/-1")
  • Sail Slides:
  • Foot max. spacing 12"
  • Head max. spacing 10"
  • Hoop Fasteners, number 5
  • Hoop Fasteners, max. spacing max. spacing 16"

Note: Measure point at corners is apex (intersection) of edge lines.