28′ Hanley Catboat Kathleen

Winner of the 2009 Opera House Cup and 2010 Arey’s Pond Cat Gathering!

The Beetle Cat Boat Shop’s first venture into custom wood boats was a 28′ catboat designed by C.C. Hanley in 1917 and published in “The Rudder” magazine in 1919. The owner, Tim Fallon (a Beetle racer who lives to sail), had dreams of a big old catboat and began to realize that a large catboat project might be of historical significance as these indigenous boats are becoming an endangered species in the waters in and around Cape Cod.

The Hanley design caught Tim’s eye, he discussed his wishes with the Beetle Boat shop, and a plan was formed. Bill Sauerbrey joined Beetle at this time to take on the project and began lofting in July, 2004. John O’Donovan assisted during the construction of the hull. History was written each day and techniques that might have been lost were sought out and properly executed. April 17th, 2006 saw the launching of the first Hanley catboat in over 75 years. Her construction and appearance while sailing in today’s waters takes one back 100 years in time.

Featured in the Nov/Dec 2006 issue of Wooden Boat magazine.